Ruwan Parakrama
Older brother of the director. Initially was considered to play the Detective, but the character of Salem fit him much better. Ruwan acted in Haz's Gethsemane, but The Catch 23 definitely pushed the boundaries for this first-time actor. He delivers a tough and street-smart package boy with ease and a few punches. He graduated in 2008 with a Masters in Biochemistry and is currently working in New York.
Amandalynn Thomas
Having worked with Haz on two short films before, Mandy was an obvious actress for the role of Samantha. Haz wrote the role knowing she would play it. A terrific actress, model, all-around-lovely-girl destined for gold.
Joshua Clark
Haz would definitely not deny that this film would not have been made possible without Josh Clark. An avid supporter of the film since its inception, Josh helped Haz scout out locations and purchase gun replicas and choreographed the massive warehouse gunfight scene. It felt fitting to both of them that Josh be given a crucial role in the movie that didn't have a single letter in the original script (the character didn't even exist). Josh plays the silent, cold, merciless Bjorn, definitely the all-around badass of the movie. For those who know him, it's a chilling transformation, as Josh is by far the nicest guy you will ever meet.
Chris Eash
Chris was involved in the preproduction of the film as soon as the script was ready, helping Haz seek means of financing the film and casting the role of Paul O'Casey. Haz decided to actually cast him as Paul O'Casey and enjoy the challenge of turning this sweet harmless young man into a cold-blooded mob boss.
Markus Glatter
Haz named the rival mob boss after this good friend and fellow computer scientist. Markus is a natural on the screen and dabbled in acting during his undergraduate years. He delivers a powerful and cynical performance of Markus Marcellus's right-hand man. A great guy.
Lindsay Castleberry
A beautiful and fun-loving girl from Chattanooga TN, Lindsay and Haz have been friends since 2002. In need of someone to play the role of Claire, Lindsay happened to be in town at a group dinner and Haz asked her to take the role. He had no idea that he just gave the part to one of the most committed, talented, and dedicated members of the cast. Lindsay portrays the mysterious Claire to perfection.
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Ben Hicks
In the need for a detective, casting Ben was quite a happy chance. Haz was sitting next to him in a computer lab not even knowing who he was. He looked at Ben and promptly asked, "Can you act?". They talked about the project then and Ben jumped on board and played the cool, controlled Detective Jericho with great strength and wit.
Tyler Jordan
The role of "Eddie" was still in the air as filming went on, but Tyler expressed interest to be a part of the movie and Haz cast him right away. Tyler Jordan delivers a hilarious old-school gangsta impression of the leader of a small gang trying to pay off a debt to a monsterous mob.
Chad Mitchell
Despite a hideously busy school schedule, Chad vowed to help Haz any way he could in the movie. Initially when casting was still uncertain, Chad showed up to the first Docks shoot, playing a sentry guard that gets shot. It was clear that he needed a bigger role, and Haz cast him as "Timothy", loyal soldier to Paul O'Casey. His on-screen chemistry with coactor Chris Young was on the spot, and the two make a terrific team.
Chris Young
Friend, pseudo-band mate, and neighbor to Haz, Chris Young was also cast late during production, but his first scene was done so well without any direction at all that Haz brought him on board as the right-hand man to Paul O'Casey. A good guy with an ego bigger than the solar system, Chris Young portrays a chilling and loyal henchman.
Chip Morris
An actor with numerous plays and short films under his belt, including the two by Haz, Chip Morris was another obvious choice for "Nigel". Having worked with him before, Haz was keen to continue putting Chip in his movies, knowing full well that Chip would deliver.
Peter Hedger
Peter was the lead in Haz's first short film "5 Minutes", acting alongside Chip Morris as well. Despite a busy schedule Peter managed to come out for a day and play the role of "Simon", and got to act alongside Chip Morris again in a less friendly situation. He's a fantastic guy and a terrific actor.
Chris Clemmons
The role of "Chris" was written in the hope that Chris Clemmons would play it, not even knowing whether Chris could act or not. Fortunately, he assimilated into Eddie's gang with total ease. This is his first movie. A wonderful young man with a heart of gold.
Walter Hayes
Haz wrote the role of "Tyrese" hoping that Walter would play it, and Walter jumped on board immediately. He is actively involved in theater and film.
Benjamin Luttrell
Haz ran into Ben in a Wendy's and talked about the project. Ben insisted that Haz give him a part in it and Haz saw no better role for him than to team up with his roommate, Markus Glatter, and join the Marcellus gang. Ben's lighthearted attitude on the set made his scenes especially enjoyable to film, and the blooper reel can attest to that.
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Stephen Young
After seeing Haz's two short films through codirector Ali Nejad, Stephen Young expressed interests to be involved in whatever project was next. Haz immediately cast Stephen as "Quoichang" to join "Eddie's gang", and Stephen brought unforgettable dedication, enthusiasm, and talent to the film. A terrific young man.
Keith Golden
In 2007, as the date for "Markus Marcellus's" scenes was three days away, Haz was desperate to cast anyone for the role. He saw Keith studying and literally offered him the part, not knowing that Keith would come dressed to the nines and incredibly fitting for the mob boss. Luck was on Haz's side for this one, and Keith portrays Markus Marcellus beautifully.

© 2007 Hasitha Parakramaweera