06/21: DVD Completed!
The first official DVD has been burned. Many thanks to Claire Craven of Little Sheep Studios for helping making it look so awesome. DVDs will be mailed out soon for those out of town, for the rest, stay tuned for the premiere date, which might now be in early July.

06/10: DVD Under Construction
With the help of Claire Craven and Little Sheep Studios, the DVD is being designed and is anticipated for release by June 29th.

06/03: The Catch 23 is done!
Stay tuned for premiere night information. Chances are it will be at the World Grotto sometime in June.

The Catch 23 is a full-length film that was written, shot, edited, scored and produced by Haz Parakrama. It cost a total of $6000 to make and was created over nine months during 2006-2007.

© 2007 Hasitha Parakramaweera